Organisation of First Tallinn esports cup

First Tallinn esports cup was held during 2016/17 season.
Every educational organisation of Tallinn(i.e Schools, Universities, etc.) received an invitation for participating in tournament. More than 20 schools accepted it, and registered their teams in DotA2 and LoL. Whole tournament was held between 24th of April and until 14th of May.
Online qualifications were held during two weeks(24.04-05.05).
During this time 4 best teams in each discipline qualified for a LAN Final. More than 20 matches and 40 maps were played during this time. Every single one of them was casted live to our twitch channel with commentaries in Russian and Estonian.
LAN Final was held on 14th of May.
LAN Final took place at Tallinn Creative Hub Small Hall. More than 10 hours of live broadcast, commentaries, games, interviews and show were produced during this Final. Our team managed to control PC statuses, Light in Hall, Sound live and on place and all broadcast animations without creating delays of more than 30 minutes during the whole day.
All the event wouldn't be Possible without the support of the following people:
Tallinn Department of Education
Tallinn City Authorities
ForGamers Estonia